2016: The scary year when some great things happened

December 31, 2016


What a year!


As 2016 draws to a close, I look back on a year that - like most of them, as I get older - moved faster with each passing moment.


Here in the U.S., we endured a bitterly divisive presidential election.


Around the globe, we continue to see unrest.


And pockets of hope, here and there -- for those of us who chose to look. I went searching for good news items, because I remember seeing them, but for the life of me, all I could find are political. So, no.


But I do agree with these two good things that happened:


Simone Biles did Texas proud at the Olympics. (All right, she was born in Ohio, but she grew up here and we're happy to claim her as one of our own. Note: I had a GIF of one of those reality-defying somersaults of hers, but it made me dizzy, so it had to go.) 


That Scary Lucy statue was replaced.


In each of our personal lives, good happened. In February, I stumbled across a manuscript I'd written 23 years ago which was to be my third time-travel romance novel with St. Martin's Press (as well as the beginning of a series). That novel is TENDER.


I dusted it off, typed it up, proofread it, and published it on Kindle, then later in paperback. I immediately began work on IMMORTAL.


I thank God I luckily stumbled across a terrific cover artist, Victoria Cooper. (That was a great thing that happened.) Victoria has created all of the art related to both these books and their marketing.


Later in the year, I was lucky to reconnect with a colleague from my former publisher who has her own firm now, and I am very proud and pleased that Over the River Public Relations is now my PR representative. (That was another great thing that happened.)


I met several wonderful readers (virtually, of course) whom I think the world of and consider friends. (That was a really great thing that happened.)


Finally, what I'm most proud of is that my son, Joshua, graduated from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale in May. That was a bit of a miracle, considering my life 32 years ago when he was born. (If you'd told me this, way back then, I would've just stared back at you in disbelief.) Great work, kiddo! May 2017 bring you a year of rewarding and joyous service to the Church.


God is gracious and good indeed.


I wish all of you the most prosperous and blessed new year. May your Kindle be well-stocked with work by writers who love what they do and present only their best to you; may your jobs be meaningful and even occasionally fun; may your loved ones thrive happily, and may we always be aware of Life, living as it does in each passing moment.


"Although the future is held slave to the past, the present—wisely or not so—is the master of both, life itself." - Godfrey Hastings, TENDER, Anne Meredith, copyright (the wonderful year of) 2016


#MementoMori #HappyNewYear

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